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Linux, Programming, Administration

Linux Journal

Linux Journal helps readers stay on top of the fast-paced world of Linux. Whether you're a novice or a professional, you'll be sure to find indispensable information in each monthly issue.

SQL Server Magazine

SQL Server Magazine is the single information source for SQL Server developers and database administrators. Each monthly issue delivers practical and timely information on SQL Server performance etc.

Sys Admin

Sys Admin provides practical technical information for UNIX systems administrators. It includes articles on system performance tuning, shell script, and crash recovery.

C-C++ Users Journal

C-C++ Users Journal is the largest and leading technical journal for immediate and advanced programmers and users of C-C++. Each monthly issue includes programming techniques, tutorials, and software reviews.

General Computing

Maximum PC

Written for the home PC user, Maximum PC includes news about the latest hardware and software, in-depth articles about the home PC market, interviews with industry leaders, and previews of upcoming releases.

PC World

PC World is the number one PC publication for PC buyers and users. Every issue is packed with award-winning articles, monthly PC product rankings, news, reviews, multimedia and Internet coverage, how-tos, tips, and more.

PC Magazine

PC Magazine is the number one information resource for computing professionals. Every issue provides comprehensive product evaluations based on benchmark tests from PC Magazine labs.

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing is a monthly magazine that caters to corporate information technology professionals and volume buyers of portable computers, peripherals, and communications.

Family PC

Designed to help parents and kids integrate home computing into their lives. Family PC is easy to read and use and it's more fun than you ever dreamed a computer magazine could be.


Wired magazine is daring, compelling, innovative, courageous, and insightful. It speaks to those who see the landscape of the 21st century and think: possibility, hope, new opportunity, and a wide-open frontier.

Red Herring

Red Herring magazine is a bi-weekly publication covering the business of technology. It provides a sophisticated insider's perspective on the emerging technologies that are driving the new economy.

PC Photo

PC Photo shows you how to enjoy the exciting and affordable new world of computers and photography.

Internet & Media

Yahoo! Internet Life

Yahoo! Internet Life combines print and online content to give users easy, direct access to the best sites on World Wide Web. Every issue has hundreds of Web site reviews, category rankings, pointers, etc.

e-Business Advisor

E-business and electronic commerce are essential to business success in the 21st Century, and e-Business Advisor magazine is the technical guide to making it happen.


Published four times per year, netWorker is for the growing population of people who work with and within computer networks: wide area and local networks, intranets, webs, and other public networks.

Computer Shopper

Computer Shopper is one of the nation's largest and most reliable guides to the best, dollar-wise computer deals. Every issue features more than 1,000 mail-order deals for hardware, software, printers, peripherals, and accessories

Technology Review

Published at M.I.T., Technology Review uncovers world-changing innovations in technology and explains how they will impact your life, your work, and even your investment portfolio. .

The Industry Standard

The Industry StandardThe Industry Standard calls itself the "voice and authority of the Internet Economy."


Computer Games Magazine

Computer Games Magazine is a monthly full-color magazine that provides the hardest-hitting independent reviews of the latest games and gaming equipment.

Computer Gaming World

Computer Gaming World is America's number one magazine for serious computer game players. Every issue is packed with in-depth reviews, winning secrets, sneak previews of the newest games etc.

Electronic Gaming Monthly

Every issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly offers readers the latest news, game reviews, and tips about the most exciting new games on Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Saturn, SuperNEW, Genesis, GameBoy, etc

PC Gamer

This monthly publication covers computer games for PC and PC-compatible computers. Each issue of PC Gamer includes hints and tips to improve reader's scores, in-depth coverage of popular games, previews of upcoming games etc

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