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Advertising and Business Resources

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There are several ways in which you can advertise on this website.

By placing your ad banner either on one of our pages, including the Linux Links section and the email section.

You can buy space on the promotional signature (email taglines) that is attached to ALL outgoing messages in the email section. This will enable you to have your promotional message - be it about your website or a specific product etc - to be attached to ALL outgoing messages sent by users of our email service. This is a most effective and most direct method of advertising on this site since it reaches a wide range of people through email. You can buy this space for as little as $100 per month and get the message about your product or service directly to your audience through email. Please note: You can buy only 50% of this space at any given time, i.e. your message will always be rotated on a 50/50 basis alongside ours.

You can choose to become the sole sponsor of LinuxWaves.com. In this case, please contact us for discussions.

Please send us the following information;
- Your full name, company name and address.
- Your desired form of advertising.
- In case of banner advertising, a copy of your banner or a URL link to it.
You will be able to check your banner statistics yourself once it goes into rotation. Send all info to us


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Please note: Prices are subject to change. Changes in price will always be reflected on this page.

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Useful Business Resources

These are simply a selection of business resources that we have used or found useful over the years:

Information Security:
For anyone following the international security standard, there is a dedicated user group for both ISO 17799 and BS7799. For a general resources maybe BS7799 & ISO 17799 Induction. These are as good a starting point as any we have found. For general security we have found SecurityFocus to be the big daddy.

Business Continuity:
Availability is a key part of security. Business continuity planning is the science of planning to prevent loss of availability. In terms of useful web resources, Disaster Recovery Directory provides a range of information for business continuity planning. A good intro can also be found at London Prepared

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