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About LinuxWaves.com

The aims of LinuxWaves.com is to provide a central relaxation site for lovers of the Linux operating system and all those interested in getting to know more about it and to explore the online world of Linux. LinuxWaves.com aims to serve as a gateway into the ever growing world of Linux. Linux is growing extremely fast at the moment, faster than any other OS available today and all indications are that this growth will continue for a very, very long time to come.

LinuxWaves.com provide Linux lovers with a site where they can meet and communicate and share information. It comes equipped with a comprehensive Links and database section with search capability, allowing for a central cataloging of Linux sites; a spam-free and permanent Linux email service, allowing Linux lovers to exchange electronic messages in a stress-free, spam-free atmosphere; it has a community section where discussions and news postings can be done, and it provides the latest news about the Linux OS and links to latest Linux software downloads. A Linux bookstore is available, allowing visitors of LinuxWaves.com to purchase their favorite Linux titles directly from amazon.com using this site. You don't need to waste time anymore looking for your favorite Linux books on search engines etc. Just enter the bookstore, browse, pick and order. It's that simple. For the slightly bored, chatrooms are available :-)

We hope this site will contribute in helping promote the noble cause and spirit that sorrounds Linux. It is dedicated to Tux, the protector of the source. Long live Linux! Long live Tux! Long live Linus! May the source be with you!

LinuxWaves.com was conceived, designed, built and is being maintained by Kelechi Odu . If you
have any suggestions, criticisms or wish to report a bug, please see the Contact Us page.
Linux is a registered teademark of Linus Torvalds

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