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LinuxWaves Privacy Policy

LinuxWaves.com - Privacy Policy

Your Privacy
Your privacy is extremely important to us. Because of this, we have a defined privacy and data security policy. Please feel free to read it on it's own specific page:

Linux Waves Privacy Policy

Data Security and Security Policies
Data privacy is of course assured by appropriate security measures. It is imperitive that if you hold sensitive data, you should protect it according to that sensitivity.

A vital step to achieving this is to be guided by information security policies. To assist those, like us, who take this seriously, we have identified the following useful resources:

Security Policies
This is a full set of hundreds of policies online (free access)

Information Security Policies
This is a directory dedicated to information security policies.

COBIT is an international standard for security audit, but this resource includes a full set of policies. The downside is that you have to pay for them, but at least they are aligned to the framework.

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